What’s your walk-up song?


The MLB baseball season is in full swing, and along with baseball comes a soundtrack of walk-up tunes that will inevitably get stuck in my head. If you’re wondering what a walk-up song is, ESPN provides a great summary including the origins of the modern day walk-up song here. If you’re a Blue Jays fan like me, a list of this season’s songs of the summer can be found here.

Walk-up songs can generate some pretty interesting conversations. Continue reading


I heart NY markets/fleas and wanders.

I recently spent a weekend in New York City. Having been to NYC a few times, I kept my plans pretty loose. My only official plan was to walk along the High Line. Other than my scheduled walk, the weekend was all about wandering and taking-in as many of the weekend summer markets as possible. Markets can be a great way to experience a city without spending excessive amounts of money. Whether it’s people watching, rummaging through vintage finds, checking-out crafts, or consuming reasonably priced cuisine, markets can be excellent entertainment.

Catch a glimpse of some of my favorite NY summer markets and views from the High Line here:

The High Line is an elevated public park built on a historic rail line, on Manhattan’s West Side in the Meatpacking District. Continue reading

Notes on Newfoundland (NFLD Pt.4/4)

When we departed Toronto for Deer Lake, NL I was momentarily concerned that our summer holiday choice may not be a relaxing choice. My concern was based on the fact that we would be flying, and traveling around the island every two days or so, over the span of ten days. In the end, despite the flights, long drives, and multiple stops, the trip proved to be just as relaxing as our typical week at a cottage in Ontario.


Bingo night in Burgeo was fantastic, though the locals may tell you otherwise. We may have stepped on a few toes when our team of CFA’s won a few games. Continue reading

Travel like a pro: make travel easy

Make travel easy 3

The thought of packing for a trip, and navigating the airport can induce anxiety in most people, even seasoned travelers. Here is a list of some of my favorite travel resources that can help alleviate stressful aspects, and generally make travel easy.

Take advantage of free travel apps.

Let free apps like TripIt, PackPoint, and airline apps do some of the heavy lifting. Continue reading

Iceberg Hunters, Newfoundland (NFLD Pt.3)

One of the most memorable days in Newfoundland was the day we spotted and tasted an iceberg!


From what I have read, the season for iceberg flows typically begins in the springtime and can continue through early autumn. The iceberg finder  is a nifty online resource for tracking recent iceberg sightings, and for mapping possible locations to catch a glimpse. The site also includes some cool (pun intended/not intended) facts.

We mapped our target destinations using the iceberg finder the morning of our adventure. Continue reading

Mainlander’s Guide to Newfoundland: Local Speak (NFLD Pt. 2)

Considering a trip to Newfoundland? Prepare yourself for the often thick regional accents and unique vocabulary. You may find the following helpful when deciphering the local speak:


Firstly, it’s important to know that as a visitor to the island, you will consistently be referred to as either a CFA, or Mainlander. CFA is short for “comes from away”, and Mainlander means quite simply that you’re from the mainland (i.e. not the island) or rest of Canada.

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My friend Meg & Burgeo, Newfoundland (NFLD Pt.1)

This past month, I was fortunate to travel with my dear friend Meg (A born and raised Newfoundlander) to her hometown of Burgeo, NL.

Burgeo or Bust

I’m the first to admit, I’m a big city person. I love the amenities of a big city, the hustle and bustle, and the anonymity that city life affords me. That said, my desire to see how others live, to explore life and land unlike my own motivates me to travel. With a close-knit population of just under 1500, visiting Burgeo was going to be an adventure, and let me tell you, Burgeo did not disappoint.

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Travel like a pro: essential flight pre-departure tips


Here’s a list of my essential pre-departure tips:

Points, points, points! I’m a firm believer in signing-up for every free points scheme under the sun. Regardless of whether you’re a frequent flier, or the occasional holiday maker, I strongly advise taking the fifteen minutes to secure your enrollment in the necessary airline, hotel, and travel services schemes that match your travel plans. In the event of a crowded or oversold flight, or when it comes to candidates for upgrades, airlines often prioritize loyalty members. Hotel loyalty schemes can often get you free Wi-Fi, upgrades, and lead to future free night stays!

Call the airline. It’s not uncommon for airlines to contact you with itinerary changes made to your departure and return flight routes in the months following your initial reservation. Most often the amends are slightly varied from the original booking you may have made. Sometimes the airlines get sneaky, and make significant changes to your itinerary which can result in less than favorable departure or arrival times, and may impact your scheduled plans. Don’t feel powerless, call the airlines and ask what your options are. Continue reading

How was Siberia?


“Oh hey, how was <insert country name>?” is a pretty typical question I get from family and friends at holiday dinners, or meet-ups after a business trip.  I wish I was a better story teller, and I wish I could provide entertaining responses. Ideally my responses would match the enthusiasm and excitement of the person posing the question – most often, they don’t. Continue reading