My friend Meg & Burgeo, Newfoundland (NFLD Pt.1)

This past month, I was fortunate to travel with my dear friend Meg (A born and raised Newfoundlander) to her hometown of Burgeo, NL.

Burgeo or Bust

I’m the first to admit, I’m a big city person. I love the amenities of a big city, the hustle and bustle, and the anonymity that city life affords me. That said, my desire to see how others live, to explore life and land unlike my own motivates me to travel. With a close-knit population of just under 1500, visiting Burgeo was going to be an adventure, and let me tell you, Burgeo did not disappoint.

Prior to traveling, my pals and I exchanged plans and updates via a Facebook group we named “Burgeo or Bust”. Meg used the group to keep us apprised of local news, such as the anticipated opening of the town’s first coffee house, and national news of a collapsed deck outside a local bingo hall in Newfoundland. Since Bingo was an absolute must on our To-Do List this was culturally relevant news to know.

The mythology of Burgeo filled our heads, and we quipped for months about how we would pass our time in this small community. What we experienced on our trip to Burgeo was greater than what we could have imagined. Ridiculous stories we had been told were confirmed as true, like the time Megs Nans’ two story house was cut in two, and turned into a bungalow. Our small group left Burgeo better friends, with many lasting memories.

Stick around to hear more about the house that was cut in two, bingo night! and the rest of my travels to NFLD.


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