Iceberg Hunters, Newfoundland (NFLD Pt.3)

One of the most memorable days in Newfoundland was the day we spotted and tasted an iceberg!


From what I have read, the season for iceberg flows typically begins in the springtime and can continue through early autumn. The iceberg finder  is a nifty online resource for tracking recent iceberg sightings, and for mapping possible locations to catch a glimpse. The site also includes some cool (pun intended/not intended) facts.

We mapped our target destinations using the iceberg finder the morning of our adventure. About 25 minutes from Clarenville, NL, out toward the east of the island, we spotted our iceberg!  Naturally we stopped for pictures – how else would we Instagram our adventures? What I did not expect, was for our host, my partner’s Aunt Bev, to go on the hunt for her own chunk of iceberg. One minute we were gazing speechless at the natural beauty of this relic from the last ice age, and next thing we knew, dear Aunt Bev was ankle deep in icy water, making her way towards a wayward chunk of ice.

So naturally, when we got back to Aunt Bev’s, the first order of business was to have a taste. Iceberg ice is said to have very few pollutants and is described as some of the purest water on the planet. We put the supposedly superior ice to test with some quality rum. I would concur with claims that iceberg ice tastes pure, and would describe what I tasted as crisp, clean and refreshing. I’m not sure whether or not it was mind over matter, or placebo effect. None the less, it’s pretty cool to say I helped wrangle a delicious piece of ice that was 10,000+ years old. Aunt Bev has been referring to us as iceberg hunters ever since.

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