Travel like a pro: make travel easy

Make travel easy 3

The thought of packing for a trip, and navigating the airport can induce anxiety in most people, even seasoned travelers. Here is a list of some of my favorite travel resources that can help alleviate stressful aspects, and generally make travel easy.

Take advantage of free travel apps.

Let free apps like TripIt, PackPoint, and airline apps do some of the heavy lifting.

Tripit provides a free online trip planner, and travel itinerary builder. The app makes it easy to share your itinerary with others, and is a really great way to stay organized with your hotel, flight, and meeting plans.

Packpoint will compile a packing check-list, and organize what you need to pack based on the type and length of trip. Added features include weather at your destination info, and the packing list function is contextually responsive to the types of activities you may have planned during your trip.

Airline Apps. I make a point of downloading the apps for the airlines I fly the most. Check the status of your flights, get notification when it’s time for check-in, and on some airlines such as Air Canada Rouge, access in-flight entertainment.

Consult your pals and favorite blogs for advice.

I’m fortunate to work in an industry chock-full of savvy travelers. My pal @blingSINGH is a regular contributor to Travel Update and has compiled some useful resources such as a workaround for Uber airport pickup and a summary of what you should know about destination marketing fees.


Start your packing with a list (Packpoint perhaps?). I suggest you start the process a minimum two nights before your intended departure. Don’t be foolish like me, and attempt to do laundry the night before. Advance planning and packing will alleviate unnecessary stress and ensure that all your travel essentials are accounted for before you depart.

Double your amenities. If you’re prone to peak travel periods, or you find yourself on frequent trips with little turnaround time at home. Consider doubling-up on your travel essentials, and keep a travel amenities kit packed and stowed in your suitcase at all times. This can help reduce your packing tasks, and instances of forgetting your favorite moisturizer or shampoo at home.

Always pack a swimsuit. Whether you’re destined for a cooler climate, or running on a tight work schedule – always pack a swimsuit. Schedules may shift and present a window of opportunity to lounge by that fancy hotel pool for a few minutes. Sometimes those cooler cultures can surprise you with their love of a good hamman or steam room!

Happy travels!

3 thoughts on “Travel like a pro: make travel easy

  1. Having 2 travel kits is such a great idea – I’m not fortunate enough to jet off at a second’s notice very often, but I can see this tip being a life saver for people who need to travel often for work.


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