Notes on Newfoundland (NFLD Pt.4/4)

When we departed Toronto for Deer Lake, NL I was momentarily concerned that our summer holiday choice may not be a relaxing choice. My concern was based on the fact that we would be flying, and traveling around the island every two days or so, over the span of ten days. In the end, despite the flights, long drives, and multiple stops, the trip proved to be just as relaxing as our typical week at a cottage in Ontario.


Bingo night in Burgeo was fantastic, though the locals may tell you otherwise. We may have stepped on a few toes when our team of CFA’s won a few games. Cumulatively we won about 300 dollars.  In actual fact, I won zero games myself, but I was smart enough to agree to share any winnings acquired evenly amongst our team. Truthfully our amateur team of bingo players found the game sort of stressful. Thankfully some of the regulars took pity on us, and explained the rules of each round throughout the night. I think it’s safe to say we won’t be playing bingo again anytime soon, as most of our team found the game required too much of our concentration and left little time for smart-ass banter.

We were fortunate to benefit from tremendous hospitality on a daily basis. If I walk away with only a few memories from this vacation, the hospitable nature of Newfoundlanders will be top of the list. I can’t recall the precise number of times we were extended invites to return to the island. We fielded numerous offers to stay at someone’s home, endless offers for guided tours of the island, and BBQ and dinner invites were as regular as a wave hello. The endless hospitality was not only extended by family, but also from new friends, and complete strangers.

Lastly, for those of you still wondering about how Nan’s two story house was cut in two, and turned into a bungalow, when we asked Nan’s son, the answer was a simple “We took a chainsaw to it, and that was it.” After further digging we found out there is a government grant available to homeowners in NL, that allows them to make energy efficient retrofits to their home. Look at that, sweet Nan doing her part for the environment 😉



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