What’s your walk-up song?


The MLB baseball season is in full swing, and along with baseball comes a soundtrack of walk-up tunes that will inevitably get stuck in my head. If you’re wondering what a walk-up song is, ESPN provides a great summary including the origins of the modern day walk-up song here. If you’re a Blue Jays fan like me, a list of this season’s songs of the summer can be found here.

Walk-up songs can generate some pretty interesting conversations. People can have very strong opinions on the topic. Some people I’ve discussed this topic with are really concise and certain about what their song would be, while others can get really philosophical and thoughtful as they consider what their song would be. I am particularly entertained by my partner’s no hesitation response, that his song would be ‘The Monkees – Daydream Believer‘, which for some reason I find hilarious.

My whole life I’ve struggled with definitive answers when it comes to questions about my likes and dislikes. Questions like, “how would you define yourself?” irk me. I remember very clearly, feeling frustrated as a child when other kids at school had very precise hobbies, favorite foods, or collections (like horse figurines). I was perpetually frustrated that I didn’t have just one favorite food (like the pizza everyone loved with such certainty). So naturally my own answer to the question “what’s your walk-up song? does not come easy.

In true Emily fashion, I’ve narrowed it down to two answers:

  1. Le Tigre’s – Deceptacon

and my second choice (lyrically the PG rated option of the two) would be:

2) Taylor Swift’s – Shake It Off

To my classmates who have been very supportive of my blog, imagine later tonight when we are presenting our projects, that when it is my turn,  that one of the two above mentioned songs is playing. Thank you all for hanging around and listening to what I have to say.

What’s your walk-up song?


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