Travel like a pro: essential flight pre-departure tips


Here’s a list of my essential pre-departure tips:

Points, points, points! I’m a firm believer in signing-up for every free points scheme under the sun. Regardless of whether you’re a frequent flier, or the occasional holiday maker, I strongly advise taking the fifteen minutes to secure your enrollment in the necessary airline, hotel, and travel services schemes that match your travel plans. In the event of a crowded or oversold flight, or when it comes to candidates for upgrades, airlines often prioritize loyalty members. Hotel loyalty schemes can often get you free Wi-Fi, upgrades, and lead to future free night stays!

Call the airline. It’s not uncommon for airlines to contact you with itinerary changes made to your departure and return flight routes in the months following your initial reservation. Most often the amends are slightly varied from the original booking you may have made. Sometimes the airlines get sneaky, and make significant changes to your itinerary which can result in less than favorable departure or arrival times, and may impact your scheduled plans. Don’t feel powerless, call the airlines and ask what your options are. Continue reading


How was Siberia?


“Oh hey, how was <insert country name>?” is a pretty typical question I get from family and friends at holiday dinners, or meet-ups after a business trip.  I wish I was a better story teller, and I wish I could provide entertaining responses. Ideally my responses would match the enthusiasm and excitement of the person posing the question – most often, they don’t. Continue reading